When middle school student Reaz Rahman comes across a secret abandoned superhero project, he does what any kid his age would do: he plays with it. Before he knows it, he’s (mis)leading a team of misfit superheroes in a crime-ridden Bangladesh. Together, they’ll battle every cliche in the book, and then some: from pirates to aliens, to evil scientists, clowns, ninjas, and accountants. Together, they are… THE CHOSEN ZEROES!

An Introduction

Hello children, teens, adults, old people, and confused in-betweeners alike! My name is Aaraf Afzal and I’m a human male of about <redacted> kilograms from Bangladesh, currently attending Boston University. I’ve aspired to be a writer since as far back as I can remember, and “The Chosen Zeroes” is based on a series I used to write in sixth grade. It transformed many idiotic people I was associated with into idiotic superheroes. It wasn’t serious writing, and even as my writing got increasingly serious, I did snippets to service those stories in my spare time. Something about it made it like a friend, and now, I’m bringing that friend back from rehab. He’s in a sleek suit: one that’s refined and more accessibly formatted for all the world to see. I have years’ worth of stories in mind I want to retell, properly this time. It all starts here. Kids of most ages can jump in and join our heroes, who are currently aged around 12. They will grow with readers, however, as will the stories. I’ll use a Ratings system to help you determine appropriateness, though I can not say I have high hopes for its effectiveness. In any case, strap yourselves in!